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The true story of the Elves

Since a few years back, Quebecers can witness a strange phenomenon. Indeed, thanks to its proximity to the North Pole, our beautiful province is an easy prey to the excesses of magic coming from Santa Claus headquarters.

Around mid-November, when the bell rings announcing the end of toys' production for the season, hundreds of excited elves escape Santa's enormous workshop, happy to finally be free of their exhausting work. Even if they are small, large, chubby, plump or skinny, they all scatter away to the dismay of Santa Claus, who must complete his final preparations alone.

Every year, a growing number of them participate in this holiday migration and invade us, trying to find the cosiest homes to establish their hideout for the winter. Even if you are just visiting our province, they can sneak into your luggage and invade your home. But those elves are not the kind to be quiet for too long and always end up betraying their presence. After they're properly installed, they only have one idea in mind; make the most practical jokes as possible to their new household before they get caught.

Here is a helpful guide to have an exciting elf hunt.

How to know if an elf is in your home?

In fact it is very simple, and despite that he can easily hide in your tree, you may notice his presence fairly quickly. First, he begins by subtly moving objects, hiding them in unusual places. As the nights go by, he gains confidence and by the end of the week, he will eat your snacks, scare the cat, spill cereal boxes and milk, etc.! At this point, you must act fast!

How to catch him?

Take a bucket, large enough because elves come in all forms and shapes; from slender to stubby. Put a stick to keep the bucket raised and put the bait prominently underneath. To attract these sweet-toothed elves, the simplest and most effective bait is chocolate! Chocolate and lots of cookies and cakes. The more, the better! Put your bait in strategic locations, for example; a dark corner of a room, under the tree, even outside. Then wait until the morning. If you have nothing, try again the next day. Do not despair. Some elves are real masters in the art of evasion and require a lot of patience. And do not skimp on the chocolate, you want to catch that prankster quickly!

What to do next?

After all your effort, one morning you'll wake up and find a little joker in your trap. Paralyzed by the human gaze, he will not move a muscle! You will need to take good care of him, feed him (always with chocolate), entertain him and tell him amusing stories so he won't get bored and decide to escape again. At Christmas Eve, put the elf under the tree and Santa Claus will bring him back with him when he'll come to bring your gifts. With those tips and advices, your elf hunt will be a great success. Prepare cookies and chocolate, place your trap and be very patient, those pranksters are cleverer than you think!

Good luck!

Catch your elf!
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Baker Elf

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